Interlude № 6 - The One With The New Style


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The One With The New Style

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View Transcript Lissa [whose new design features a few stray strands of hair where her hairline becomes her ponytail, a midriff (and 6-pack) bearing tank top revealing the strap of her signature bikini and a tuft of underam stubble through the sleevehole, and short shorts]: Heyo Big D, what'cha workin' on?
David [whose new design is basically a shirt and tan shorts]: First off, I thought I told you never to call me that again.
Lissa: And I rejected that request.

David: Gonna ignore that.
I'm seriously considering making a major shift in my strip's art style.

Lissa [pulling back the chair David's sitting on]: Heeeeeey, you're drawing clothes now.

Lissa [letting go of the chair, sending David off-panel]: But doesn't this seem a bit... *sudden*?
I mean aren't art style shifts typically gradual? This is a bit extreme, least for you.

David [now faceplanted into the keyboard]: But I've been drawing in the old style for like three years.
I'm 20 now, there's no changing that I draw like a 5th grader, but at least I can make it look *good*.
Also I think you broke my nose.

Lissa: Yo dude you gave the black-haired babe a tank top?
David: It just felt *right*.
Lissa: Shit, dude, I'd do that.
David: Knew you'd like it.

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Author Notes

4/15/2022, 10:52 AM This strip marks both the first strip of this year and the first strip done in my New Style. I'd been developing it during the latter half of last year, and I was finally confident enough to make the rather sizable stylistic change at the beginning of the year. I'm actually kinda proud of it, too, like yeah strips take like three times as long to draw now, but damn do they ever look better.


4/15/2022, 1:58 PM Yay!!! Current style!
4/15/2022, 6:35 PM WOO