Lovebirds - Resolution (The David Christmas Special IV)


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Tiny David: Gah, crap! I'm late, aren't I?
Curse these tiny legs!

Alex: *Late*? You're like, twenty minutes *early*.
Sunny's not even here yet.

Sunny [opening the door]: Actually I've been here longer than you.
Tiny David: 'Sup Sunny.

Sunny: Yeah I've been here since I got off work.
Robyn thinks I'm getting presents.
In truth, I got all my presents in June.
So, like, we gotta coordinate stuff, right?

Tiny David: Yeah, like when exactly does the *ditch* part come in?
Drinks, appetizers, main course, *when*?

Alex: Well, it's less of a specific course and more of the abstract notion of an awkward pause.
They've gotta have their guards down.

Tiny David: Aw, dip, speaking of guards down, here comes Robyn!
Gah, guys, what if this doesn't work!?

Alex: Yo, TD, chill.
You underestimate the shit people will say to get out of a weird situation.
I once told somebody I had chronic diarrhea to bullshit my way out of a screwed up order.
She still looks at me weird whenever she enters the shop.

Tiny David: God I hope you're right.
Alex: Trust me.
Sunny: Yo, Robs, over here!

Robyn [thinking]: You got this, Robs.
It's just dinner.
Other people are going to be there.

Steve The Penguin [thinking]: Don't make it weird.
Don't make it weird.
Don't make it weird.
You fool, you're going to make it weird.

Steve The Penguin/Robyn: Hoo boy.

Tiny David: So you guys ready?
Alex/Sunny: Hell yeah.

Robyn: Oh, uh... hey... Steve...
Steve The Penguin: Hi Robyn...

Robyn: Sooooooo... uh...

Steve The Penguin: Yeah, um, dinner...
...I, uh, like the scarf.
The color looks good on you.

[Awkward beat]

Robyn/Steve The Penguin: DINNER!


Tiny David: Soooo... I think it's about time to address the elephant in the room.

Tiny David: Alex, how the hell did you manage to get a table here without a reservation?
Alex: It's interesting, actually!

Alex: Yeah the host is in my Econ 218 class.
He owed me big time after I carried his sorry ass through the midterm project.

Alex: He is, quite literally, the *laziest* bastard you could ever think of.
Sunny: *You* think you have group project horror stories?

Sunny: High school, junior year, AP Bio, we had to do a presentation about a specific genus, and I got stuck with the couple that was constantly sexually active and made sure you *knew* about it.

Sunny: Long story short, I went to use the bathroom and walked back on the two of 'em doing the topless tango, seconds away from preceding to crotch conga on my mom's antique table.

Sunny: Y'know, now that the topic's come up...
I, uh, feel like there's some business that's, uh, a little unfinished between some of us...

[Steve and Robyn slide down to the floor]
Alex [flustered from Sunny's previous remark]: D-dear lord...
Sunny: *ahem*

Sunny: ...I mean seriously. Steve, Robs, there's, like, some suuuuuuuper thick tension between you two.
And trust me, I know thick.

Tiny David: Yeah, seriously, you two have been running from each other for too long, you *gotta* work something out!

Alex [still flustered]: Gack...
T-t-topless t-tango?
Was... was that... a *true* story?

Sunny: Eh. It woulda been a lot sexier had I not been so stressed.

Alex [totally not extremely turned on]: I... uh... need to... use the bathroom...
Tiny David/Sunny: Yeah me too.

Robyn: ...Sunny's right, you know.
Steve The Penguin: About what?

Robyn: About *us*.
We went out for a few weeks, then...
...then we stopped talking.

Robyn: And to be totally honest, I've *missed* you.
And I hate that we're not comfortable discussing our feelings openly.
B-because I...

Steve The Penguin [grabbing Robyn's wings]: Robyn wait.
I-I need to be saying these things, too.
I'm just as guilty of hiding my feelings.

Steve The Penguin: Look, I'm inexperienced and immature.
I've... I've never felt half of the things that I'm feeling and it scares the shit out of me.
But in the midsts of all those stirring feelings, there's one thing that I'm truly certain of.

Robyn: Steve...
Steve The Penguin: Robyn...
Robyn/Steve The Penguin: I love you.

[They gaze into each other's eyes]

[They kiss]

Sunny [watching from outside]: Yes! YES!
Tiny David [also watching]: FIRST BASE IT LIKE YOU *MEAN* IT, STEVE!

Alex: I just got out of the-er-bathroom.
What'd I miss?
Tiny David/Sunny: THEY DID IT!

Tiny David: Alex, your plan totally worked!
You're, like, a romantic genius!

Sunny: And they're *such* a cute couple!
They're perfect for each other!

Alex: Oh. Uh, wow.
Tiny David: Seriously, you did *great*.
Sunny: We should probably go back in, though.

[Alex puts their hand on the window]
Tiny David: Hey, who knows, maybe next time, we'll be hitchin' *you* up, Alex!
Sunny: Hey, don't get ahead of yourself, squirt.
For now, everything's *fine*.

Alex [making some very sudden realizations about their life]: Yeah...

Alex [tearing up, clearly not fine]: ...everything's fine...

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Author Notes

4/14/2022, 12:07 PM And we've finally reached the end of Arc 6. I've mentioned this before, but I'm really proud of how this strip turned out, it's probably my all-time favorite strip, and I'm super excited to be able to post it. So as per usual, some remarks:

1. Ok this is probably the least Christmasy Christmas Special I've done. For now (he said, forshadowingly).

2. Panel 11 is actually a deliberate callback to strip 58.

3. Honestly, I'm just impressed by how much this strip does. I'm juggling five characters in the same place at the same time, I'm concluding a character arc that I was working on for two and a half years, and I'm setting up Arc 7 (more on that in a few bulletpoints though).

4. Sunny's uncomfortably sexual group project horror story is probably one of my favorite things I've ever written.

5. I, uh, tried with the beak kiss. It's not great, but honestly it's the best I could work out.


7. Oh. My god. Those last three panels. Real shit, they're probably the most important three panels I've ever drawn. Look, it may seem weird to say this, but drawing Alex's emotional breakdown in that last panel was super satisfying. I've never shown Alex that vulnerable before, and honestly, it really let me set the groundwork for Arc 7. Honestly I'm just super proud of what this strip does to the series as a whole.

8. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that this is the last strip I drew in my original style. Everything from here on in is done in the style that I've been posting in the forums. It also happens to coincide with a bit of an overall tonal shift, so, uh, fair warning, things are gonna start to get quite a bit darker. Buckle up everyone, it's gonna be a helluva ride.


4/14/2022, 2:44 PM I liked the beak kiss!

And I think it's really neat how you set this up for Alex's arc next. This was cute!
4/14/2022, 5:43 PM aw, thanks!
4/15/2022, 1:57 PM Must have accidentally missed the finale yesterday! Whelp, I’m here now.

First can I say that I love that you always do these grandiose finales for all of your arks. It really makes them feel super important and special, and they are!

This was such a super sweet ending! Steve and Roby finally revealed their feelings for each other and kissed. That makes me so happy. Just had to get through the awkward stuff Sunny decided to blurt out there and then shine a spotlight on both of them. Thankfully the whole plan worked.

Aww, I feel real bad for Alex. Happy they’re able to cry their feelings, but they’re going through so much. I’m glad the next arc focuses on them. I’m super here for it.

Great job as always, David.
4/15/2022, 6:35 PM aww thanks!

I love doing these big finale strips, too, it's always fun to do these types of longer-form stories with my characters.

It felt great to finally give Steve a happy ending (not like that) for once, and I'm really gunning for Robyn's presence in his life to get him to, like, gradually start improving (and in the other direction, help Robyn come out of her shell and let her metaphorical hair down).

Alex... really, really didn't want to cry there. It was just a sudden and very, very sobering case of post-nut clarity an intense wave of building emotion that they'd been trying their best to suppress.

As for Sunny? She's just good at keeping up with the plan. And has a whole host of incredibly awkward sex stories.

(also I'm now torn between making the spelling for Rocky's nickname for Robyn "Robbie" or "Roby")