Lovebirds - Slightly More Dopamine


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Slightly More Dopamine

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View Transcript Robyn: I still can't believe you set this whole dinner up behind my back.
Sunny: Oh come on, it's gonna be *fine*.

Robyn: *FINE*!?
At this point we can barely *talk* to each other, much less admit our feelings to each other!

[As the two arrive at Bookmoore's, Steve The Penguin is waiting out front]
Robyn: And I just wanna tell him that I l-

[Beat as Robyn and Steve's eyes meet]

[Another beat as Steve books it]

Robyn: So, uh, dinner at Mjark's, huh?
Sunny: Knew you'd come around.

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Author Notes

4/14/2022, 11:56 AM The only piece of clothing that Robyn will ever wear is a scarf. Hey, sometimes her neck gets cold. And she thinks she looks pretty cute in it. And truthfully, she does.

Also I didn't notice this when I initially colored this strip, but I realized when I was working on the next strip that I inadvertently made Robyn's scarf the same shade of red as Alex's hair. Hey, i-it's a good shade of red, okay?


4/14/2022, 12:14 PM That interaction was so funny! Steve just walks up, gets embarrassed and runs off.

God, this chapter may win the award for being the most adorable. Then again, bird people are inherently adorable, so there's some bias there.
4/14/2022, 12:34 PM It really is, isn't it? Steve has his moments and let's be real, Robyn's fucking adorable, the two of them have a great dynamic together. But I'm getting ahead of myself...