Lovebirds - Not So Dopamine


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Not So Dopamine

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View Transcript [Inside Robyn's room]
Robyn: *sigh*...

Sunny: Hey, Robs, I know you've been kinda, um, depressed about this whole Steve situation, but, uh, I may have something that'll help.

Robyn: Face it, Sun... nothing's gonna snap me out of this.
I'm gonna live alone, I'm gonna grow old alone, and I'm gonna die alone.
Because I'm incapable of asking *one guy* out.

Sunny: Well, you're in luck, because you don't actually *have* to.

Sunny (off-panel): Turns out that cute barista from the Crappi Coffee across the street from Bookmoore's is friends with Steve, and they're taking us all out to Mjark's next Thursday.

[Outside the bathroom of Sunny and Robyn's apartment]
Sunny: Robs, it's been 12 minutes, and I *really* need to bee, get out of the bathroom!
Robyn (off-panel): I caaaaaaan't!
Sunny: Can you at least tell me if those are sobs of happiness, sadness, or fear?
Robyn (off-panel): I DON'T KNO-HO-HO-HOOOOOOOOW!

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Author Notes

4/13/2022, 10:42 AM This strip marked the first time I ever drew Robyn from the front. For whatever reason, when facing directly forward, Robyn has two stripes on the outside edges of each of her breasts that aren't visible at any other angle. It makes no sense when you really think about it, especially considering that they aren't visible at a 3/4 view, but she just looks... wrong without them, somehow. I can't explain it, Robyn just needs her boobstripes when facing forward.


4/13/2022, 11:06 AM I approve of the boob stripes.
4/13/2022, 11:08 AM The boobstripes are an aesthetic.