Lovebirds - Operation Diner Ditch


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Operation Diner Ditch

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View Transcript Sunny: Um... this is incredibly vague.
Like, really, really, really, incredibly vague.
*What* exactly is this plan?

Alex [popping in between the board and Sunny]: Glad you asked!

Alex [standing in front of the board, showing a series of pictures that they presumably drew, clearly originally meant to depict Lissa and Hannah but quickly reworked to show Steve and Robyn]: So basically, we take 'em out to, say, Mjark's, we get 'em hot 'n heavy then leave, we let them revel in the awkwardness, and eventually, they'll say that they love each other, and when we come back, BAM! They'll be makin' out like, uh, something that makes out.
Step 6 is irrelevant.

Sunny: That's... actually a pretty solid plan, Alex.
Alex: I, ah, may have spent like three days on it.

Tiny David [observing a card]: Was... was step 6 supposed to be Lissa and Hannah having... *makeup sex*?
Alex: Step 6 is irrelevant, STEP 6 IS IRRELEVANT!!!!
Tiny David: You *drew* them having *sex*?
What the *actual fuck*, Alex?

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Author Notes

4/12/2022, 11:38 AM I actually really like how this strip turned out. It's surprisingly dynamic, the facial expressions are on point, and quite frankly, I loved doing Alex's little doodles.


4/12/2022, 2:50 PM Oh god, Alex. I knew it must have been something related to sex, but jeez. I love Alex so much.
4/12/2022, 4:41 PM I think this is when I really fell in love with them, honestly.
4/13/2022, 4:54 AM Heh, that's kind of embarrassing ;) A Lissa fan is a Lissa fan, what more can be said?
Oh and I recognize the last panel from the "arms waving" thread!

4/13/2022, 9:13 AM I mean I'm sure if Lissa saw it she'd be flattered.

Also, good eye! Knew somebody'd catch it eventually!