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View Transcript Sunny: Today's the day, right?
Finally gonna ask Steve out?
End this three year dry spell?
Robyn: eheheheheheeee...

Robyn: I got... *no sleep* last night.
At all.

Sunny: Aw, *come* on!
Yesterday you lost your voice, Tuesday you got sick, Monday you nearly broke your arm!
It's like your body refuses to cooperate!

Robyn: Dammit, Sunny, it's *never* gonna happen!
I just--
I can't bring myself to do it!

Sunny: Look, I don't wanna sound like I'm pressuring you or anything.
If you wanna ask him out, do it when *you're* ready.
Robyn: ...I know you got my back, Sun.

[Tiny David and Steve have been observing the whole thing]
Tiny David: Shit, dude.
Steve The Penguin: Nah, it's... it's okay.
I-I'll ask her tomorrow.

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Author Notes

4/11/2022, 11:51 AM There's a certain dichotomy to the reasons why Steve and Robyn are hesitant to ask each other out that I really kinda dig. Like, they're both afraid of striking out, true, but Steve's fear is based in inexperience while Robyn's fear is based in plenty of experience.


4/11/2022, 12:18 PM I was going to say, it's funny seeing them both being so hesitant about this in completely different ways, but you kind of already pointed that out.
4/11/2022, 12:26 PM It's an interesting conundrum, though! Realistically neither of them actually know that they have totally different reasons for being scared, the only way they can actually work through this is by, like, talking it over, but they can't because they're too scared.
4/11/2022, 12:42 PM Well this is NOT going well!
4/11/2022, 12:55 PM "Twice shy" doesn't begin to describe this situation.