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Duly Noted

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View Transcript Tiny David: Dude, you've been like this for, like, a solid *day*.
Who *cares* if she knows what you've done in the past.

Steve The Penguin: You don't understand.
This is a *huge fuckin' deal*.
I'm not usually embarrassed.
But this...
...this felt *different*.
Like... a part of me was ripped out.

Alex [handing Steve a piece of paper]: Oh, by the way Steve, this was in the tip jar.

The Note: Steve--
I'm so sorry about everything that happened yesterday. I feel like I may have made the wrong impression, and I'd very much like to rectify that.

The Note: If this note somehow reaches you, meet me down by the Crappi Coffee near the docks tonight at 6pm.
I'd love to talk.
Sincerely, Robyn

Tiny David: Holy *shit*, dude, she's totally into you!
Steve The Penguin: Is...
Is it possible for someone's handwriting to look exactly like how their voice sounds?

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Author Notes

4/8/2022, 10:48 AM This is the first time I've shown Steve genuinely getting his feelings hurt. Yeah he got pretty down in Arc 1, but c'mon, that's rejection, that's different. Really a large part of this arc surrounds Steve feeling feelings that he's never actually felt before. That's growth, dammit!


4/8/2022, 11:05 AM Glad Robyn wants to rectify the whole encounter. She's truly a good bird person.
4/8/2022, 11:23 AM She is. She really is. She's a sweetheart.