Lovebirds - Meet Robyn


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Meet Robyn

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View Transcript [An establishing shot of Bookmoore's]
Steve The Penguin (off-panel): Um...

Steve The Penguin: I, uh, w-want to check out.
Bookmoore's clerk (Robyn Fletcher): Hm?

Robyn: Okie dokie, lemme just-
Oh, hey, you're Steve The Penguin, aren't you?
Steve The Penguin: You..
...know who I am?

Robyn: Who doesn't? You've made the news, like, at least six times within the past two years!

Robyn: Hell, the time you blew up a house two years ago made the front page of the Davidsville Tribune-Herald Times.

[Steve has booked it from the bookstore in a fit of intense shame and embarrassment]
Robyn: Wait, Steve! I-
I didn't mean any of it like that...

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Author Notes

4/8/2022, 10:40 AM Enter Robyn Fletcher, main cast member number 10 and bird character number 2. Robyn's actually the first character that I went out of my way to conceptualize before I introduced her, in part because, well, she's not a human character, and I never actually drew an anthro bird to human proportions before. I think it worked out quite well actually, she (and by extension every other bird character I've created since) really fits in with the rest of the cast.

Also I love the effect on the corkboard in the background, the grain texture brush has a surprising number of applications.


4/8/2022, 10:51 AM God damn, poor Steve! He got so overwhelmed so quickly. And hooray! We finally get to see Robyn in an official capacity.
4/8/2022, 10:55 AM Admittedly, Steve's... not great at confronting his past.
4/8/2022, 12:47 PM Oh, he's so nervous to talk to her! x) I mean, it's still pretty flattering she recognized him. Chill out Steve, blowing up houses is just normal growing up stuff, nothing to be embarrassed about. We've all done it... right?
4/8/2022, 12:55 PM I mean hey, there are worse things someone could be recognized for...