Lovebirds - A Raging Sea Of Penguin Hormones


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A Raging Sea Of Penguin Hormones

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View Transcript Tiny David: Ok, *now* will you tell me why you dragged me over here?
You *know* I can't be around coffee fumes for more than 15 minutes.

Steve The Penguin: I, uh, need your help, man. Like, a lot.

Tiny David: ...This doesn't have anything to do with Robyn from the bookstore across the street, does it?
Steve The Penguin: Um... yeah.
Tiny David: Goddammit, man, I refuse to be a part of another one of your bizarre sexual conquests.

Tiny David: Dude, I'm still not convinced that you're over your feelings for Lissa, *how* do you think you're ready for another...
...look, I don't want to discourage you, but it's entirely possible that Robyn's not gonna be, like, into you.

Steve The Penguin: I was, uh, kinda hoping you'd help me with that.
Tiny David: How!? By secretly finding out everything about her so you can give her the business!?

Steve The Penguin: Ok now that you've put it into words, it does kinda sound super problematic.
Tiny David: Just talk to her, man.
It's not that hard.

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Author Notes

4/7/2022, 3:42 PM Yes, this is the Steve arc. The arc where I decided to officially cast aside my reservations about adding more bird characters and go all in on the idea that Davidsville is somehow inhabited by both regular humans and human-sized anthropomorphic birds. Is it weird? Sure it is. Does it make any sense? Probably not. But there's just this extremely subtle surrealism about the whole setup and the fact that everybody just accepts it without question that I really dig.


4/7/2022, 4:55 PM Hmmm, I don’t know. Sounds like the Dating Sim hypothesis at work here…

4/7/2022, 5:21 PM What can I say? Steve's got experience getting others to do his dirty work for him.
1/22/2023, 9:54 PM Steve could use a booster seat, but he doesn't seem like the kind to accept such blows to his pride.
1/22/2023, 10:06 PM That and his round-ass ass won't fit into one.