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[Two days after the boat incident]

Lissa: Holy shit.
We... we did it.
Hannah: We did it.

Lissa: WE DID IT!

Lissa: We're free!
Hannah: We're independent!

Lissa: We're unprepared!

[17 Excruciating Minutes of Crying Later...]

Lissa: So... now what?
Hannah: I have no idea.
I think we unpack.

Lissa: Speaking of, where the hell is the furniture?
Wasn't there some when we looked here a few weeks ago?

Hannah: That was all just staging.
I... thought I told you that we were getting our own furniture.
And even then, all that's been brought in has been my bedroom stuff. The living room stuff only comes in tomorrow.

Lissa: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
Mom and Mom Prime are working today.
So both the pickup *and* the minivan are in use.
So I gots no bed.
Guess I'm sleepin' on the floor.

Hannah [blushing]: I mean... y-you don't *need* to sleep on the floor...
I mean, if you *want*...
Aw jeez this is such a weird thing to suggest...

Lissa [also blushing]: I-I mean, if *you're* okay with it...
Hannah [still blushing]: I mean how bad can it be?

[The next morning...]
Hannah [from who's POV we're looking from]: Hnnng... wha--?

Lissa: Mornin' sunshine.
Hannah [still POV'd]: GYACK!

[Hannah falls off the twin bed]

Lissa: Heh. And I thought *I* was the klutz.
Hannah: I'm so sorry, I *totally* forgot we were sleeping together!

Lissa: Nice to know you're a heavy sleeper.
Dude, you fuckin' *jacknife* when you sleep, your ass was planted firmly in my tummy.

Hannah: Oh my god, I'm *so* sorry.
Lissa: Don't be.
Embrace your ass.

Lissa: Though I'll be honest, I... kinda enjoyed it.
I mean for obvious reasons, but also, like, being able to put my arm around something and cuddle it...

Lissa: ...I mean you may not appreciate it as much as I do, what with your five siblings and all, but having somebody that's not your folks that you really, truly love... it's comforting.
Hannah [sheepishly]: Your tummy *was* nice and warm...

Hannah: ...and I like warm.
[They kiss]

Hannah: And I fuckin' *love* your hair! Did... did you seriously go to bed with it up?
Lissa: I never let it down!
Hannah: How does it not mess up overnight?
Lissa: Sheer willpower, babe.

[They gaze into each other's eyes, in a state of pure bliss]

Hannah: So, uh...
Which one of us is gonna use the bathroom first?
Lissa: Who says we can't both do it?
Hannah: Ok, now you're pushing it.

[One Slightly Awkward Bathroom Rotation Later...]
Hannah [towelling off]: So Lis, what do you want for-
Alex [off-panel]: Breakfast?

Hannah: JESUS!
Alex: I brought muffins.
I, uh, don't know what flavors they are.

Hannah: Haah...
Alex: You should lock your doors.
There are some weird motherfuckers in these parts.

Alex: Lissa.
Lissa: Alex.
Alex: Gorgeous as always.
Lissa: You scoundrel, are those muffins?
Alex: Yep.
Lissa: Fuck yeah.
Alex: Fuck yeah.
Hannah [on the floor]: jlksavjpidsac

Lissa: Look, Hannah might not say it, but she appreciates it, too.
Alex: I am never prepared for those biceps.

Alex: Oh! By the way, I saw who I can only assume to be your mom in the store today!
Lissa: What'd she look like?
Alex: Dystopian future you.
Lissa: That's her.
Alex: She's hot.
Lissa: She's hot.

Alex: I'm not gonna lie, though, she was a bit frazzled.
She ordered the strongest thing we had and asked for as many shots of caffeine we were legally able to add.
I don't think she slept at all last night.
Lissa: ...oh, mom...

Lissa: Mom and I have always been close. Like, borderline unhealthily close.
I mean, I'm not gonna lie, I miss her like *hell*, I can only imagine how much she must miss me...

Alex: Oh god, you know I can't stand seeing gorgeous people cry; take a muffin, it'll make you feel better.
Lissa: I appreciate the flattery...
Alex: Who's flattering? I'm being honest.

Alex: I get it. Moving away from your parents is *hard*.
I can't tell you the amount of times I remembered how much I missed mine and just, like, broke down in the middle of the room.
I'm an *ugly* crier, too.
Hannah [off-panel]: hurgh


Lissa: You okay there, babe?
Hannah [off-panel]: Muh...

Lissa: Taking in the view, babe?
Hannah: Just... clearing my head.

Lissa: I'd say that was a pretty successful first full day of independence!
Hannah: Lissa, I forgot to lock the door last night.

Lissa: So? Nothing happened.
Hannah: But something *could've* happened!
*Anything* could've happened!

Hannah: My carelessness put my life in danger.
More importantly, i-it put *your* life in danger.
You could have *died* and it would've been my fault.
Because I didn't lock the door.

[Hannah breaks down into tears]

Hannah: Lissa, I'm not ready to live like this.
I-I can't even keep *you* safe.
I don't know *what* I'd do if anything happened to you.
*I'm so sorry*.

Lissa: *Bullshit*.

Lissa: Hannah Christina Monroe, you have *nothing* to worry about.
You are a strong, beautiful woman living with a strong, beautiful woman.
The two of us can take on *anything*.
We're like, fuckin' Laverne and Shirley only we're gay.

Hannah: Makin' our dreams come true?
Lissa: Just me and you.

[They kiss again]

Hannah: Since when did a 70's sitcom theme become the perfect metaphor for our relationship?
Lissa: Oh, there were like a billion songs that I could've used.
I just like Happy Days.

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Author Notes

4/4/2022, 12:17 PM Arc 5 finale time, and once again I have like a billion things to say about it:

1. Honestly this whole final strip was really fun to write. It's probably the biggest shift in status quo I've done thus far, and I wanted it to feel big, dammit. Also, it's eight fuckin' pages of Lissa and Hannah.

2. Two grown adults sleeping in a twin bed does not sound comfortable. Thankfully, Lissa is Lissa and can take pretty much anything in stride.

3. Panel 14 is probably one of my all-time favorite individual panels I've ever drawn.

4. I actually tried a different method of drawing kisses in this strip (see panels 21 and 46). It turned out really well, and I've been drawing characters kissing that way ever since.

5. I think this is the only strip where I've drawn Alex exclusively from their right side.

6. I don't know why, but I'm kinda proud of how panel 41 (where Hannah silently goes from crying to straight-up weeping) turned out. There's this silent desperation to it that I've never shown any of my characters in before.

7. This strip actually properly introduces Hannah's biggest fear: losing the ones she loves. I touched on it a bit in strip 100 with her and Selene, but the fear of losing Lissa is far more tangible, since, well, they're living together. They're at least in part responsible for each other's well-being. Hannah would never forgive herself if Lissa was ever hurt (or worse, killed) under her watch.

8. Slight detail that I'm actually kinda proud of: if you look very closely at Hannah in pages 3 and 4, you'll see that I actually gave her armpit hair. Remember, Hannah's a competition swimmer, she removes any and all body hair the moment it shows up. The pure stress of the past few days has taken a serious toll on her, the visible underarm stubble really goes to show how out of it she is.

9. God now that I look back at it, this strip (and really this whole arc) isn't the nicest to Hannah is it? She really bore most of the emotional burden of it, damn.


4/4/2022, 1:18 PM This was a really good and beautiful way to end this arc. Glad to see everyone made it out of the Yacht fiasco unharmed (except maybe psychologically).

Alex is rivaling Lissa for my favorite character. I just love how they act and the things they do. "You should lock your doors. There are some weird motherfuckers in these parts," is probably my favorite line of this arc, honestly (or at the very least this update), considering they just barged in themselves.

And the moments that Lissa and Hannah have are just so sweet and adorable. You can tell how much they love each other.

The whole arc was really enjoyable and I'm excited to see what comes next!
4/4/2022, 1:44 PM Aw, thanks! I'm still really proud of how this one turned out. This one would definitely be my favorite strip if it weren't for, well, the next arc's finale. That one... hoo boy, I can't wait to upload that one.

Also let's be real, this arc may have been about Lissa and Hannah, but Alex was the real MVP here.

And let's just say this won't be the only time I'll say that...