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Drive, Damn You

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View Transcript Alex: Ok, so, uh, is there *any* way we're getting outta here?
Hannah: Well let's see...

Hannah: We can't swim, not even *I'd* do that.
We can't call for help, our phones are, erm, *waterlogged*...
And Lissa used up all the emergency flares in a state of panic.

Alex: So, we're *stuck* here?
We're just... *giving up*?
You can't just, I dunno, *drive* the boat?

Hannah: Wait, say that again?
Alex: ...what, drive the boat?


Alex [having been knocked over by the sheer velocity of Hannah's exit]: Did you *seriously* forget that you could drive the boat!?

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Author Notes

4/4/2022, 12:00 PM Clearly, through all the chaos of the two and a half hour span that Yachty McYachtYacht was slowly drifting into the Pacific (Davidsville is a west coast city, that's canon now), nobody was able to think through the problem logically.

Also apparently Hannah's licensed to drive a boat. And apparently all you need for a boat license is to be at least 12, pay $40, and take an online certification course. Who would let a 12 year old drive a fucking boat? And more importantly, why?


4/4/2022, 1:08 PM Alex here with the common sense to save the day!
4/4/2022, 1:40 PM Like Hannah had to drive the boat earlier, why didn't it occur to her? Clearly Alex is the most lucid of the bunch.