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The Infamous BoobPhone

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View Transcript Hannah: What the *hell* were you thinking!?
Swimming after a *boat* in the middle of the *ocean*!?
Grace: I couldn't just sit and watch!

Hannah: Look, I admire your tenacity, but take it from a varsity swim captain, *you have a fucking death wish*.

Grace: I panicked! Th-there wasn't anything else I could do!

Grace [rummaging through her bikini top]: Besides, I brought *my* phone! I-

Grace [looking at her now drenched phone]: I...

Grace: ...didn't think this plan through.
Hannah: Rule number one of competitive swimming!
*Never* swim with your phone down your boobs!

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Author Notes

4/3/2022, 1:04 PM I'm not 100% sure that "never swim with your phone down your boobs" is the number one rule of competitive swimming, but I'm sure it's up there.