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View Transcript Hannah: Lissa, please come out.
Lissa (off-panel): I don't wanna.
I... I'm gonna fuck things up more, I know it.

Hannah: But none of this is *your* fault!
If there's anyone to blame here, it's me.
*I* forgot to tie the boat down.
And I'm sorry.

Lissa (off-panel): But *I* threw my phone overboard.
And since I'm the only one of us brave enough to hide their phone anywhere remotely close to their... *parts*, I had out only lifeline.
And I fucked *that* up.

Hannah: If it means anything to you, I'd have done the same thing.

Lissa (off-panel): Heh. You know me too well.
Hannah: Does... this mean you're coming out?
Lissa (off-panel): I, uh, can't.

Lissa (off-panel): I, uh, got my ponytail stuck in the door.
I can't move my head without serious scalp pain.
Hannah: Heh.
You are *just* like your mother.

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Author Notes

4/1/2022, 12:12 PM Oi, that was not a good day for any of us. Do you know how much it hurts to have a massive fuckin' clump of your hair stuck in a doorframe? And in such a tiny-ass space. Good lord.

At least Hannah was there to comfort me. I love that woman to death.

(and yes I wash my phone anytime I store it within the vicinity of my parts, and for good reason, it's a jungle down there)

- Lissa ♥


4/1/2022, 1:15 PM You think that sucks, try having your fingers stuck between the car door and the car. That fucking hurt like hell.
4/1/2022, 7:01 PM Toes. That happened to my toes.

Like fuckin' hell, my big toenail turned purple then fell off completely. I felt super self-conscious and didn't wear open-toed shoes for like three months. I still don't think it totally grew back correctly.

- Lissa ♥