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Do The Moving Out Shuffle, Baby

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View Transcript Tiny David: You've been busy.
Kenzie: Oh I have.

Kenzie: See, now that Hannah's moving out and Nadine's gettin' her room, *I'm* getting *her* room!
Tiny David: Ooh, pretty sweet deal.

Kenzie: So, uh, I've been spending the past few days separating my stuff from Jeremy's.

Tiny David: A few *days*?
Kenzie: I gotta lotta stuff.

Kenzie: But, there's one thing that keeps me going, and that's the knowledge that I'll finally be liberated from my butthole brother.

Tiny David: Hmph. You're lucky. I gotta share my room with the fucking penguin.
Kenzie: You *could* always move in when Nad leaves.

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Author Notes

3/30/2022, 11:02 AM This is appearance number two for Kenzie. Just kinda laying down her relationship with Tiny David.

It's, uh, never gonna be this smooth again, just thought I'd warn y'all in advance.


3/30/2022, 11:46 AM Psh, you love Steve, Tiny David. Don't act like you don't. But yeah, living with your friends is not the same as just having friends.
3/30/2022, 11:51 AM If Steve's not snoring, he's talking in his sleep.

It takes a toll on a person.