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Legal Advice

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View Transcript Nadine: Yep, pretty standard housing contract.
No hidden bullshit here.
Hannah: Sweet.

Nadine: Now what I *would* be careful about is knowing when rent is due. *That's* where they getcha.

Hannah: Gotta hand it to you Nad, you know your legal.

Nadine: Thank dad and his "get your daughter interested in your job" phase for that.

Hannah: You've been pretty helpful throughout all this. What's your game?
Nadine: I get your room once you leave.

Hannah: Wait, *I* never got Selene's room when *she* moved out!
Nadine: Well, mom was already halfway through converting it to a sewing room by the time she left.

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Author Notes

3/30/2022, 10:53 AM Nadine's cunning. She always has an ulterior motive. Even when it looks like she's doing something out of pure altruism, there's always some way it can (and most of the time will) benefit her.

If only she could use that brilliant strategic mind for something other than screwing other people over...
(Y'know, not that she'd ever screw her own older sister over)