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The Matriarch

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View Transcript Mallory: Babe, you've seemed to be preoccupied today. What's up?
Lauren: Fuckin' hell Mal, it just...
It just dawned on me that Lissa's gonna be *leaving* in a couple of weeks.
Like, for good.

Lauren: I just...
I'm not prepared to lose her.
Mallory: Honey, Lissa's a fiercely independent woman moving in with her long-term SO. She's *fine*.

Lauren: But Lissa's *my daughter*. Hell, she's basically a carbon fuckin' copy of me! I... I just can't let go of her that easily!

Mallory: Look, I get it, there's a bond between you and Lissa that I'll probably never quite fully understand since I neither want to become pregnant nor can I, like, actually *become* pregnant...

Mallory: ...but seriously, Lissa's special to me, too. And I assure you, she's got a great life ahead of her.
Lauren: I can only imagine that my mom was like this when I moved out.

Lauren: Oh my god, I'm becoming my mother.
Mallory: Ohhhhh not this conversation again.

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Author Notes

3/29/2022, 4:22 PM Lauren's second greatest fear is losing touch with Lissa.

Three guesses to what her first greatest fear is.


3/29/2022, 5:46 PM Can’t lose if you never guess.
3/29/2022, 5:50 PM (it's... it's becoming her mother)