Movin' - And Our Budget Is $7 Million


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And Our Budget Is $7 Million

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View Transcript Lissa: So, uh, we're actually doing this, huh?
Hannah: I guess at this point there's no goin' back.

Alex [appearing from out of nowhere]: Sooooooooo... you guys likin' what you're seein'?

Lissa [visibly shaken]: Good *god*, don't do that!
Give us some time with ourselves!
Alex: Sorry, I'm just kinda excited.
Lissa: Why are you even *here*?

Alex: I live here.
Lissa: You?
Hannah: Live here?
Alex: Yep! We'd be neighbors!

Alex: I mean how else could I've known about this specific complex?
Hannah: How...
How did I not *know* this?

Lissa: I mean I guess we'd get to know you better...
Alex: Y'know what? I'm just gonna leave now.
Hannah: Well, it makes sense, you do work next door...

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Author Notes

3/28/2022, 11:58 AM Hey look at that, Alex is important.

Actually there was an ulterior motive for giving Alex a major role in this arc, despite working at the Crappi Coffee, they never really felt... connected to the main cast. By making them Lissa and Hannah's neighbor, they have a more direct link to everybody else.

Also holy shit they're adorable here. Especially in that last panel.


3/28/2022, 2:15 PM 100% agree. Alex is too precious here. I love how confident they start out only for things to sink in by the last panel.
3/28/2022, 2:22 PM They may come on a bit too strong, but at least they realize that. Eventually.