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Deus Ex Apartmenta

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View Transcript Lissa: You... you okay?
Hannah: No.
Not at all.
Lissa: What's up?

Hannah: Ugh, it's just fucking impossible to find good prices on good apartments!
I mean, we *want* a nice, spacious place, right?

Lissa: I mean yeah, but it doesn't have to be like, *huge*.
I mean, we *are* only two people.

Hannah: I mean yeah, I could just be overestimating the size we need, I mean I've never lived with less than four people before.
But it's not like something unexpected will just come out of the blue to solve this.

Alex [unexpectedly]: Actually, if you're looking for apartments, the buildings next door are pretty all right, and they're affordable.

Lissa: You were saying?
Hannah: Ohhhhh I just wasted an entire weekend, didn't I?

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Author Notes

3/27/2022, 12:44 PM Oh, hey, it's Alex. Maybe we'll see more of them later...