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Too Honest

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View Transcript Hannah: Well, uh, we gathered you guys here because we have an important announcement.
Lissa [cutting off Hannah]: WE'RE MOVING IN TOGETHER!

David: Um... cool.
Bob: Yeah, uh... it'll be good for you two.
Grace: It'll be really good!
Sarah: So why exactly *are* we here?

Lissa: Good question.
I mean you guys have lived together for, like, ever, how do you do it without always wanting to murder each other?

David: Honestly, we... don't.
Bob: We're five people and a penguin sharing a house. We've kinda already lost it.

David: But, I mean, you're only two people.
And like, fuckin' madly in love.
I mean if you two think it'll work, it'll work.
Buuuut, you probably shouldn't, like, genuinely count on it.
You'll probably end up like us after a while.

Hannah: Ok, dude, there's honest, then there's like...
...*too* honest.
Lissa: We're fucked.
Oh god, we're fucked.
We're so fucked.

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Author Notes

3/27/2022, 12:39 PM This strip kinda summarizes each character quite neatly. Also, I don't think I've ever had four characters speaking in the same panel before and I don't think I ever do that again.


3/27/2022, 12:56 PM Oh, David. You’ve got such a way with words.
3/27/2022, 1:28 PM Sometimes David's capable of thoughtful and genuinely helpful discussion.

Other times he's only capable of saying the exact wrong things.