Interlude № 4 - Stressed Relief


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Stressed Relief

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View Transcript Sarah: Oh, David, thank god you're still up.
David: I mean not for much longer.
Sarah: Look, I gotta ask you something.

Sarah: Am I... too stuck up?
David: Haven't you already asked me this?
Sarah: Sort of? You never really gave me a straight answer.

David: Well, speaking as a friend...
...a *good* friend...
...yeah you could stand to be a bit less constantly stressed.

Sarah: So what do I do?
David: Well, not everything's for everybody.
You gotta find what works for *you*.

David: Like, I have this stress relief lotion.
You can try this if you like.

[20 Minutes Later...]
Sarah: [furiously rubbing the lotion onto her stomach]: It's still not working.
David: I *told* you, not everything's for everyone!
I just need more!
David: You've used it all!
Sarah: FUCK!

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Author Notes

3/26/2022, 11:52 AM Yeah, this is another strip that I really like. There's something about exploring the mind and emotions of a character like Sarah, who's usually pretty stoic, that just appeals to me.

Also the more I revisit this strip the more I realize that it's actually kinda sorta really sad. Sarah has layers upon layers upon layers of stress, anger, fear, and depression that she just keeps shoved deep down inside her, and the more she tries to deal with it, the more futile the effort becomes.


3/27/2022, 10:15 AM I feel bad for Sarah feeling this way. However, at least she’s trying. It takes a big person to find the faults in themselves and try to improve on it. I’ll always think people are really cool for doing that. So Sarah’s cool in my book.
3/27/2022, 12:26 PM There's a lot more to Sarah than meets the eye, and I really like that about her.