Interlude № 4 - Hot 'N Dry


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Hot 'N Dry

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View Transcript Mallory: Ohhhh it was a *fuckin' mistake* to wear my tracksuit today.
Lauren: Ah, late-pre-spring.

Mallory: Our meteorologists *can't* be this bad.
...can they?
Lauren: Nah, it's not their fault.
We just have some fucked up weather patterns.

Mallory: God, does it have to be *this* intense?
Lauren: Actually, it's kinda nice.

Lauren: I mean, after the usual shittonna snow, and just before the usual shittonna rain, hot 'n dry is a welcome respite.

Lauren: Besides, we won't get anything *close* to this again until, like, fuckin' *June*.

Mallory [flopping onto the sand]: That's great, hon, but if you'll excuse me, I'm just gonna rest here and suck the sweat outta my sports bra.
Lauren: Have I ever told you that you're fuckin' adorable when you're exhausted?
Mallory: At least once.

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Author Notes

3/25/2022, 6:42 PM This is the first strip I did with Lauren and Mallory without Lissa, and honestly, it's another one of my favorites. It really solidifies their dynamic (and it's kinda hot too). I also like strips that give me an excuse to bust out the sand brush. The realistic sand compared to literally everything else really makes it pop.


3/25/2022, 7:14 PM I agree. I like my spurts of warm weather in-between the cold and wet weather.
3/25/2022, 7:19 PM It's like optimal weather. Optimal weather that no matter where I live I never seem to get for more than three days out of the year.