Pre-Arc Strips - oops (fair warning, this one's kinda sorta super messed up)


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oops (fair warning, this one's kinda sorta super messed up)

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View Transcript David: *sniff* Is someone using the microwave?
Tiny David: Oh, yeah, that's me.

Tiny David: So, I'm going to check up on my Garry and Harry, my hamsters, and as I'm petting them, I see that they're feeling a bit cold.

David: Yuh huh.
Tiny David: So, y'know, I wanna warm 'em up again, see?

Tiny David: "Well", I remember thinking, "the furnace doesn't appear to have completely kicked on."

Tiny David: So I put 'em in the microwave.

David: I... I don't fucking want to know...

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Author Notes

1/25/2022, 11:24 AM To be totally honest, this is probably the darkest strip I've ever done. I don't know where the idea for this one came from, I don't totally know why I did it in the first place, I really only keep it because it introduces one of the strip's more prevalent running gags, specifically, Tiny David's inability to keep pets alive. He means well, he really does, he's just completely incompetent when it comes to pet care, which typically ends very poorly for the pets in question.


3/31/2022, 7:42 AM David this is very sad! :(
3/31/2022, 9:52 AM hence the warning

for realsies though I've always gotten super nervous about posting this strip in particular, I mean it's messed up yeah but it's really also a bit of a downer for a strip this early on
3/31/2022, 11:13 AM nah don't worry, just messing with you! The blood is cartoony (as is the whole comic) and it's pretty clear it's that gross-out adult-type humor that was prevalent in many 90's cartoons. If they can get away with it so can you!
12/27/2022, 10:31 PM NAAAAAH HE KILLED THE FUCKIN HAMSTERS LMAOOOO 😭 ain't no way bro ain't way....lil' David is a dastardly villain and needs to be locked up
12/27/2022, 10:33 PM Tiny David was a bit of an idiot here, sadly...
2/1/2023, 5:28 PM omg.... I hope they didn't suffer too bad.... r.i.p. little hamsters! ;-(
2/1/2023, 5:45 PM I sure hope they didn't either...
2/2/2023, 2:27 PM *fingers crossed*