Interlude № 4 - LifeQuest


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View Transcript Lissa: So we never actually *got* to talking about your life.
Who *is* Alex Greenwald?
Alex: ...Well if you insist...

Alex: Well first things first, my name isn't *legally* Alex.
At least, not yet.
It's, uh, Bethany.

Lissa: *Bethany*?
You are *not* a Bethany.
Alex: Like, who *is*?

Alex: Here's the thing, though, once I started telling people to call me Alex, and, like, people *actually* started calling me Alex, I realized that I could change pretty much anything about myself!

Alex: Since then, I've just been experimenting with pretty much anything I can change!
Lissa: But doesn't that... y'know...
Alex: Actually, my life's never been better!

Alex: Like seriously, there's no better feeling than finding things out about yourself.
I guess it's kind of a life quest, y'know?
Lissa: Hey, if it works for you, it's totally valid.
Alex: Exactly!

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Author Notes

3/23/2022, 10:39 AM I would just like to point out that I still didn't totally get Alex's character when I wrote this strip. The more I read into this one, the more it almost seems like Alex telling somebody their given name is an exercise in trust. Gah, I need to explain all of this in-strip.