Interlude № 4 - Personal Reservations Of The Personally Reserved


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Personal Reservations Of The Personally Reserved

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View Transcript Lissa: Y'know, out of everyone in the group, I feel like I know you the least, Alex.
Like, what's your story?
Alex: *My* story?

Alex: I, uh...
Well, um...
Th-that is to say...
Kinda like...

Lissa: You okay there?
Alex: Yeah, it's just...
Nobody's gotten to *know* me well enough to ask me that.

Alex: Y'know, I'm not, like, an inherently outgoing person.
You can talk to others without giving a shit, I really can't.

Alex: So basically, an sort of potential relationship I enter is marred by either my lack of communication skills or general discomfort towards how I present myself.

Lissa: Yet you're a barista?
Alex: I mean it's a fucking coffee shop.
I make *coffee*, not small talk.

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Author Notes

3/23/2022, 10:24 AM This is the point in the strip where I decided to explore Alex a bit more thoroughly. From here, they play major roles in the next two arcs, and they'll be the star of Arc 7.

Also, if I ever decided to publish my strip in physical volumes, "I Make Coffee, Not Small Talk" would make an excellent volume title.


3/23/2022, 8:28 PM Haha, Alex! I may be a tinge biased on why I like them, but I’ve liked them ever since you posted that piece of them and Lissa at the beach in the drawing thread.
3/23/2022, 8:36 PM I mean honestly Alex is a pretty solid character. What's not to like about them?