Interlude № 4 - What Measure Is A Humanoid Penguin?


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What Measure Is A Humanoid Penguin?

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View Transcript Lissa: Dude, were those... *scorch* marks on the driveway?
David: ...yeah.

Lissa: What the hell kinda car makes *that*?
'Cuz I want one.
David: It was flamethrowers.

Lissa: Legit flamethrowers?
David: Yes legit flamethrowers.
Look, I made the mistake of trusting Tiny me and Steve.

David: I'm getting *really* tired of having to clean up their messes.
I *want* them to be able to be responsible but they never take anything they do remotely seriously.

David: I mean they just-
They need to know how to take responsibility for any consequences!
Lissa: What do you mean?

David: Steve caught pneumonia and I have no idea whether to take him to a doctor or a veterinarian.
Lissa: Oh...

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Author Notes

3/22/2022, 4:28 PM I like to think that David and Lissa are actually pretty good friends. They're two very different people (of course, that applies to a lot of my cast when compared to Lissa), but somehow, there's something between the two of them that just meshes better than, say Lissa and Sarah.

I also like to bring up the fact that Steve is still technically a bird sometimes.


3/23/2022, 8:26 PM I think because David is usually the straight man in most situations, he can get along with most characters on some level.
3/23/2022, 8:34 PM That makes sense.

Also probably has something to do with the fact that for all intents and purposes, he's the main character.

Well, him and Lissa, which I guess is yet another explanation.