Interlude № 4 - Fire And/Or Ice


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Fire And/Or Ice

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View Transcript Bob: You finally got Steve and Tiny you to shovel the driveway, huh?
David: Yup.

Bob: About time, too.
Stuff was *piling* up.
David: Yup.

Bob: Gotta admit, they're doing a better job than I expected.
David: Yup.

Bob: They're making some good time, too.
David: Yup.

Bob: They're also being surprisingly resourceful.
David: Yup.

Bob: I mean the flamethrower is a stroke of genius.
David: It was a mistake to let them do it their way.

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Author Notes

3/22/2022, 4:15 PM Fun fact: if you've been on the Draw Your OC's Doing Stuff thread, you may remember this piece:

Little did you know that David's line here was actually a direct reference to this strip.

Yes, I waited nearly a month and a half to reveal this.


3/22/2022, 9:10 PM Hey, if it works, it works. Flamethrower that snow into submission!

A bit unrelated but I find Tiny David is one of your most interesting characters to me because he perplexes me. Like, who is he? How did he come to be? Is he directly related to David? I’d assume so since Bob calls him “Tiny you” in reference to David. He’s just such a strange character.
3/22/2022, 9:18 PM EXACTLY

I don't even know where Tiny David came from.

That being said, the commonly accepted explanations are that TD is either a shared, corporeal, sentient hallucination or the side-effect of one of Bob's weirder experiments. There was no lead-up, there was no warning, Tiny David just came into existence one day and hasn't left since.

It's worth noting that for all intents and purposes, Tiny David is, in fact, a direct clone of David, he just happens to be six years younger. For some reason.
3/22/2022, 9:20 PM I could see it being a Bob thing now that you mention it. The dude isn’t against testing out his experiments on unwilling participants, so yeah. Nice to get some background info on Tiny David, though.
3/22/2022, 9:26 PM For the record, out-of-universe, originally, Tiny David was shamelessly copied from inspired by the "Little Kate" strips from Hark! A Vagrant (a personal favorite of mine), over time he just kinda evolved into the space-time anomaly that he is today.
11/26/2022, 10:46 PM I think Mythbusters would like to have a word on the efficiency of this process

...or they could watch as the cleaners defy thermodynamics and ignorantly melt the snow away more efficiently than they should
11/26/2022, 11:30 PM Let's split the difference and call it Plausible