Interlude № 4 - Passing Chemestry In More Ways Than One


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Passing Chemestry In More Ways Than One

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View Transcript Hannah: I heard screaming. What's wrong?
Darren: I...
I don't know.

Darren: Well, there's this guy in my chem class that I, like, really, really, *really* like.
And it just so happens that he's in my lab team.
And I *really* wanna ask him out.
Hannah: Then ask him!

Darren: You don't understand, it's not that simple.
If I ask him out, I'll fuck over the whole group dynamic!
Megan and Brad started dating after they became groupmates last year, and their entire group had to retake biology last semester!

Hannah: God, I do *not* miss high school.
Darren: I actually *care* about my grade in chem!
I *really* don't wanna repeat it because of a silly mistake!
So you can see where I'm torn about this whole thing.
[Darren's phone gets a notification]

[Darren's phone gets a whole bunch of notifications]

Darren: Holy shit, *he* just asked *me* out.
Hannah: Welp, that's one less step!

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Author Notes

3/21/2022, 11:59 AM Darren's actually a pretty solid character, I should work with him more. I dunno, I like the idea of an athlete taking the time to explore his softer and more romantic side.