Interlude № 4 - Benched-Warmers


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View Transcript Lissa: Agh, everything hurts...
Lauren: That's what you get for overexerting yourself.

Lissa: *Overexerting*? You kidding me? That was the most I ever fucking benched!

Lauren: Lissa, honey, take it from me, who threw human beings that weighed upwards of 250 pounds on a professional level, going from 75 straight to 130 is fuckin' irresponsible.
Lissa: Ow.

Lauren: Heh. I went through one of these phases myself.
Then my arms gave out when I tried to bench 325.

Lauren [pointing to cheek scar]: And that's how I got this bad boy.
The side of the fuckin' handle dug into my cheek.
Lissa: Wait, really? I always thought it was a wrestling injury.

Lauren: Honey, I met Mallory after slamming a blender on my head and nearly getting a concussion. I'm a *klutz*.
Lissa: This explains *so much*!

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Author Notes

3/21/2022, 11:44 AM I like this strip a lot. It's the strip that officially promoted Lissa from fitness freak to buff-girl status. It's got Lauren. It's got Lauren being a good mom. It's got Lauren bringing up her time as a pro wrestler. It's got Lauren explaining how she got her cheek scar. It furthers the running gag that Lauren's a major klutz (which is quite frankly adorable). It's probably the second most profane strip I've done. This one's got it all.


3/21/2022, 12:42 PM Really like how we get a little lore about Lauren’s cheek scar. And it’s fun to see how much she and Lissa are alike while still having their own differences. I think it’s cool that Lauren was into wrestling.
3/21/2022, 12:51 PM I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lauren is a fun character.