Interlude № 4 - Yachty McYachtYacht


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Yachty McYachtYacht

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View Transcript Hannah: So, how's the boat life, dad?
Martin (Hannah's father): Um, it's a bit... extravagant.

Martin: I mean I have a *job*. And *kids*.
The guy who gave this to me is like 70 and is going through twelve different divorce hearings.

Martin: I mean if that doesn't scream "loads of time" I don't know what does.
Hannah: But it's a *boat*.
*A boat*.

Hannah: I mean imagine how beneficial this would be for your mental health! Just sitting back, relaxing between cases...
...or *during* cases...
Billable hours, y'know.

Hannah: And mom'll have fun completely redesigning the place!
Martin: You say that like she hasn't already.

Hannah: Wait, she has?
Martin: She... even named it.
Hannah: Yachty McYachtyacht?
And she's the author in the family?

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Author Notes

3/20/2022, 12:26 PM Fun fact: this strip marks the first (and so far only) appearance of Martin, Hannah's dad, which means that her entire immediate family has been introduced, and it's also the first time that Hannah actually interacts with one of her parents on-panel.

Strip 75 doesn't count as "on-panel".

Oh yeah, and, uh, Yachty McYachtYacht wasn't something I thought up of as a punchline for this strip. It's been there ever since the yacht first appeared in strip 115. Carmine works fast.