One Unforgettable Evening - A Yacht


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A Yacht

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View Transcript David: Hey, Sarah wha-
What's that?
Sarah: Right now, Thanksgiving.
David: All ready?

Sarah: Hey, this shit takes time.
What do you need?
David: I, uh, just need to know what happened last night...
Sarah: You talk to Lissa yet?

David: Uh, yeah.
Sarah: She tell you about the food?
David: Yep.
Sarah: The trick-or-treaters?
David: Yup.
Sarah: Twister?
David: Yep.
Sarah: The yacht?
David: The what now?

Sarah: Wait, she never told you about the yacht?
Hannah got a text during Twister, apparently one of her dad's clients gave him a yacht.

David: A yacht.
Sarah: A yacht.

David: If you'll excuse me, I'm needed at the docks.
Sarah: Good luck with that.

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Author Notes

3/16/2022, 10:35 AM Ok funny story about this strip in particular: last summer I replaced the gaming laptop that I use to draw my strip with a newer one, but there was a period of time where I didn't have either laptop. Now, I have a secondary laptop, a Surface Book 2 (which, for the record, I use to draw the stuff I post in the forums), so during that transitional period, I transferred all my strips onto the Surface (I also made two strips on it, but those are in the next arc). It seems that at some point, this particular strip suffered some kind of corruption on the flash drive I was using to transfer my files over, because the first time I pulled it up on my new regular laptop, the bottom of the image was just a bar of maroon with a few scattered black pixels. I don't know what the problem was and I'm no expert on storage hardware, but I suspect that this strip was saved on the flash drive in a really weird location, because a few months later, I needed to look for something that I thought was on it and on a whim, I decided to check its copy of this strip, thinking that the corruption on my laptop was just a transfer fuckup. Turns out, nope, the copy of this strip on the flash drive somehow got even more corrupted, if I remember correctly, it's basically now just a massive maroon rectangle with a few stray bits of color from the strip.

Suffice it to say, I'm posting this strip from the Surface.