One Unforgettable Evening - The Aftermath


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The Aftermath

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View Transcript David: Lissa? How long have you been here?
Lissa: Since Friday.

David: Ah. Then maybe you can help me piece together last night's events.
Lissa: I mean I can only attest to what *I* did last night, but I'll try my best.

David: Honestly, *anything* helps.
Lissa: Well, let's see...

Lissa: ...Sarah's food was really good, we had a few trick-or-treaters, there was a really strange game of Twister....

Lissa: Oh, and Alex and Steve burned down the worm.

David: WHY?
Lissa: Actually, I think it was Alex's idea.
They've got spunk.

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Author Notes

3/16/2022, 10:28 AM "Strange game of Twister" has extremely naughty implications and I love it.


5/22/2022, 6:07 AM NOOO not the worm
5/22/2022, 12:23 PM Okay seeing these last two comments one after another is unbelievably hilarious.