One Unforgettable Evening - Everybody Else Is In On It


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Everybody Else Is In On It

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View Transcript David: Yo, Bob, what...
...whaaaat the hell is that!?
Bob: Oh that?

Bob: That's an animatronic I'm working on for Grace's party.

David: Wha-
*You're* part of the planning, too?
Bob (off-panel): You're not?

David: Even Sarah?
Bob: Catering duties.
David: Even Tiny Me?
Bob: Bouncer.

David: She didn't give *me* a job.
Bob: Well, there's still a week left, she may still have one.

Bob: That, or she doesn't trust ya.
David: All right, don't be ridiculous.

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Author Notes

3/15/2022, 3:48 PM Part of me questions why Tiny David of all people was made the bouncer, but another part of me questions why this party would need a bouncer in the first place.


3/15/2022, 6:58 PM Probably why they made Tiny David the bouncer, because they didn’t need a bouncer in the first place.
3/15/2022, 7:00 PM True, if they needed a bouncer, it'd be Lissa. 100%.