Pre-Arc Strips - He Watches... He Sees...


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He Watches... He Sees...

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View Transcript Grace: Y'know, David, this date would be way better if you just stopped acting so paranoid.
David: Well, I'm sorry Grace, but I just can't shake the odd feeling of being watched...

Grace: I... I find that very hard to believe.
To my knowledge, nobody has it out for you...

David: ... Dammit, you're right.
There's absolutely no reason for it.

David: Anyways... how've you been?
Grace: Oh, y'know... same ol', same ol'.

Steve: They're still in the restaurant, dood.
Nobody's gotten to them yet.
I assure you, dood, they're safe.

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Author Notes

1/24/2022, 11:54 AM I... may have forgotten to make Steve's stomach white in this strip.


Additional fun fact: it takes exactly 161 strips for Mjark's to return as a location. But it does come back. Trust me.