One Unforgettable Evening - Sailor Moonlighting


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Sailor Moonlighting

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View Transcript Lissa: I mean I *was* gonna keep my costume a surprise, buuuuut, I guess I can show ya.

Hannah: Honestly, so was I.
I think this is the best one I've done so far.

Lissa: Now, I haven't gotten the hair done yet, but trust me, it'll look really, really good once I've put it all together.

Hannah: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's see those costumes!

[Lissa and Hannah meet in the hallway, both vaguely dressed like Usagi from Sailor Moon]

Lissa and Hannah: Oh crap.

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Author Notes

3/14/2022, 11:47 AM Yeah the costumes aren't drawn that well. I'm pretty sure I could probably pull it off better now (considering that I actually draw clothes now), but ah well. It's a cute concept.


3/14/2022, 12:13 PM That's adorable! They chose the same costume. At least you can see their interests are similar in some places.