One Unforgettable Evening - Conceptualizing


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View Transcript David: What are you doing?
Hannah: Concept art!

David: Is... is that for Grace's party?
Hannah: Uh... yeah.
It's impossible to say no to Lissa.

David: Good god, how deep is this rabbit hole gonna go?
Like, I can see planning months in advance, but *concept art*?

Hannah: Hell yeah.
There's actually quite a bit of décor that they wanna pull off, some of it is actually really complicated.

David: Is that...
Hannah: …a giant worm puppet?

David: God, I hope this all works.
For their sakes.
Hannah: Oh don't worry.
I'm the one who should, anyways.

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Author Notes

3/13/2022, 12:35 PM Ok so a little bit of a strip production story here, I use Sketchbook to draw my strip, and I default to saving the files as JPEGs (admittedly PNGs are probably better but this is just the way I've done it for three and a half years). Now when saving a file to a JPEG in Sketchbook, it prompts you to choose a quality to save the file in. For the first, I wanna say 20 strips I did, I saved the files at the default mid-quality setting, which kinda compresses the image a bit (it's more obvious if you zoom in). Beyond that, I started saving all my files in the highest quality setting, it's not as sharp as a PNG or a vectorized format (like, say, a PSD) but it gets the job done. Here's the thing, though, if you save a JPEG file in Sketchbook after going through the whole "save as" procedure, it doesn't give you the quality settings and defaults the quality to mid. So if I want to edit a strip to, say, fix a misspelled word or add a word or two that I inadvertently missed, I need to go through the "save as" process to keep the quality up.

So why am I telling you this now? Well, because this is the last strip that I made that save mistake on.


5/22/2022, 6:01 AM God I want a giant worm puppet so badly