One Unforgettable Evening - Burton It Is


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Burton It Is

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View Transcript Lissa: Ah man, *that* was some fucking fun.
How'd you like 'em, Grace?

Lissa: …Grace?
Grace: Oh it was something all right.

Lissa: Oh, you're cute when you're scared shitless.
But seriously, has anything struck you?
I'm only doing this to help ya.

Grace: Well, I certainly know that I'm not doing Carpenter, that's for sure.
Y'know what, I think if I were to pick a theme based on a director's aesthetic, I guess I wanna do Burton.

Lissa: So, bright yet dark and subdued colors, trippy mood lighting, and caked on make up.
Grace: Wait no that's not-

Lissa: I LOVE IT!
Mom, I need some paint, make up, and blacklight bulbs.

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Author Notes

3/12/2022, 12:20 PM I like the idea of Lissa being a horror nut. Meshes with her personality well.


3/12/2022, 1:32 PM It does. And honestly, a Burton aesthetic would be kick-ass for a Halloween party. Because it's both spooky and fun, which a Halloween party should be. I imagine it's been done plenty of times in real life.
4/2/2022, 8:12 AM Burton is creepy in that uncanny way. Definitely the right choice.

Actually I remember being a kid and going to a Halloween Party and all the kids were in someone's bedroom watching Nightmare Before Christmas in our costumes, while all the adults mingled in the rest of the house. It's a really good memory, I have no idea who's house we were at though or who any of those kids were.