Interlude № 3 - Elephants Never Forget, Why Should You?


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Elephants Never Forget, Why Should You?

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View Transcript David: GAH!
Fucking hell, man, watch where you point that thing!
Bob: What this?
This thing won't kill anyone.

Bob: You're looking at my greatest invention: The Memoray!
Get it?
Your face says that you get it, but you're not verbally reacting to the genius of the pun, so I'll assume you got it.

David: I'm just gonna pretend that you didn't just say that.
So what do you intend to *do* with that "Memoray", as if it wasn't already obvious.

Bob: It's a memory expansion ray! One blast outta this, and your mind'll expand tenfold!
I'm just testing this on humans now!
David (off-panel): And where do you expect to find willing participants?

Bob (zapping David): That's the beauty! I don't!

David: Don't think I won't forget this...
Bob (off-panel): That's the idea!
Hey Grace, good timing!
Grace (off-panel): DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!

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Author Notes

3/11/2022, 12:28 PM Bob's grasp on ethics is... tenuous at best.