The Family Monroe - Weddin' And Regrettin' (AKA Strip 100)


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View Transcript Selene: ...Hannah?
Lissa told me what you told her two weeks ago.
Are... are you okay?
Is there anything I can do to... maybe help?
Hannah (off-panel): *sniff*
D-don't open the door.

Selene: I just don't want you to feel like this is college all over again!
You shouldn't be the one worrying about my well being!

Selene: ...Hannah? You still with me?

Selene: Fuck it, I'm coming in.
Hannah (off-panel): NO DON'T!

Selene: Hannah, this isn't healthy.
Hannah (off-panel): Close the door and don't look in, Selene.
Selene: Why?
Hannah (off-panel): I-I don't want you to have to see me like this.

Selene: What could possibly--
Oh good god what the hell is wrong.

Selene: What.
The hell.
Hannah: Close the fucking door right now.

Selene: Christ, I vastly underestimated the severity of the situation.
At least let me turn on the lights.
Hannah (off-panel): ...fine.

Selene: You look like shit!
Hannah: I *feel* like shit.
Selene: When did you last shower?
Hannah: Three days ago.

Selene: So, uh...
You wanna talk about it?
Hannah: ...y-yeah.

Hannah: I... I don't want you to leave again.

Hannah: It was hard the first time, and it's even harder this time.

Hannah: There's a lot more going on now!
It's all too much!

Selene: So you're stressed.
Trust me, so am I.
I'm scared as hell.

Selene: It's a big step into the unknown, but it's one I'm willing to take.
Hannah: But how sure about that are you?

Hannah: I know you better than most, and I know you have a tendency to... not tell people things.
Like how you don't feel comfortable with sex.
When that's *all* they really want from you.

Hannah (off-panel): Have you... *told* Ari that you're asexual?
And does he understand what it means?

Selene: Eheheh...

Selene: I...

Hannah: I... I came out to you before mom or dad because I knew you'd help me sort out my seventh grade brain's feelings.
You'd respect me and have my back no matter what.

Hannah: I just want to return the favor.
But this...
This is the longest we've talked since you showed me the house.

Selene: You mean this whole time... just wanted to help?

Selene: And I've been so wrapped up in planning that I've completely looked over you!
Hannah: Wha-? N-no!

Hannah: I don't mean it like that!
I just... wish we had this conversation earlier.

Selene: We... we should have.
And you're right.
I gotta tell people these things.
Including Ari.

[Davidsville County Courthouse]
[Three days later]
David: So it had to have worked out in the end, y'know, since we're here.

Lissa: Oh, it totes did. Selene brought it up with Ari that night, and he was completely fine with it, as any decent human being should.

David: And you're here because...
Lissa: Emotional support.
I'm not actually allowed in.
David: Ah.

David: Now you've kinda been caught in the middle of this whole situation. How's it been going on your front?
Lissa: It's been okay, actually.

Lissa: It's really not about me, though. It's about Hannah.
Hannah is... probably one of the strongest people I've ever met.

Lissa: And I don't mean literally.
I mean I do mean literally.
Freakin' life goal delts on that woman.
But, like, also not literally.

Lissa: I mean I know how hard it is to see someone you really, really love get married.
It kinda sucks, but, like, compared to how I reacted back then, she's taking it like a fuckin' trooper.

Lissa: I... don't tell her these things as often as I should.
Deep down, I think she knows this, though.

Lissa: Or maybe this depressive spiral is *because* I haven't been telling her these things.
David: Okay, first of all, that's not a healthy mindset.

David: Second, it's no one's fault that any of this happened. People process things differently from one another.
You know that as well as I do.

Lissa: Eyyy, you know it.
David: 'Course I do.

Lissa: Oh, hey, is it over?

Hannah: The wedding is, but there's like ten minutes until the reception.
Lissa: Oh, cool!
Hannah: How long has David been here?
David: Actually quite a while.

Lissa: So, uh, how was it?
Hannah: Stressful if anything else.
Like, we finished setting up an hour before Selene and Ari walked the isle.

Hannah: I guess in the end, I'm glad it all worked out.
Selene's where she wants to be, I really don't have any right to judge her.

Lissa: ...that, Hannah Monroe, was something that took *me* a helluva lot longer to internalize.

Hannah: Whoa, okay, where did this come from?
Lissa: David and I were talking about this just before you came.
You're... you're just better at this life shit.

Lissa: I just... I really respect you for that.
Hannah: Hey, don't sell yourself short!

Hannah: You've actually been really helpful these past few weeks.
I've never actually properly thanked you for it.

Hannah [kissing Lissa]: ...thanks.

David: Well, looks like everything's wrapped up quite neatly!
...actually come to think of it, what's been going on with Darren and Nadine recently?

[uncomfortable beat]

Hannah: Oh fuck.

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Author Notes

3/9/2022, 12:28 PM Welcome to the 100th strip and the finale to this arc, once again, I have things to say:

1. Ok look I know I don't show the wedding. I've never actually been to a wedding so I don't really know what it's like.

2. I mentioned that strip 97 was setting something up right? Yeah, it was the fact that Selene is ace. This basically makes Kenzie and Jeremy the only straight Monroe children, and I'm not totally convinced that either of them are really completely heterosexual.

3. This was the strip that made me truly realize that Hannah suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Like, it's one thing to be down about something like this for a few days, but Hannah's depressive spiral lasted for two weeks. This is a side of her that I explore further.

4. If Lissa fucking Carson calls you one of the strongest people she's ever met, that is probably one of the best compliments you can ever get. Like, ever. From anybody. Remember, not only is Lissa herself absolutely built, her moms are too, Lauren was a pro wrestler and championship fighter. Lissa knows some strong-ass people.

5. Disheveled Hannah was actually pretty fun to draw. It's kinda become her default "I woke up like this" look.


3/9/2022, 1:58 PM Your finales are always fun to see. There’s always quite a bit of emotion to them and it tugs at my heart strings. I don’t think it was necessary to show the wedding proper, because I feel like it was more about emotions surrounding the wedding. Plus, Hannah already talked through her feelings beforehand. I really do like disheveled Hannah as well. I like how you did her too draped below her shoulder.

Congratulations at 100 strips at this moment in time!