“The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza: A Behind The Scenes Look, Part 2”

David A Webcomic
Welcome back. Yesterday I showed you how I sketch my strips, but today, we're gettin' to the real meat, the inks and colors!

Step (uh, where were we last time) eight: yeah so remember how Layer 2 is the "base lineart"? Well most of the time, "base lineart" means literally just the lineart of the character I drew first. I can squeeze multiple characters onto the same lineart layer, but honestly, it's better to give each one their own. So, I'm adding two new layers, one for Morgyn and one for Lydia. Layer 2 is Kenzie's layer. With this, I start inks.
First, the outline inks.
Then the finer detail inks. This process gets repeated for each character in each panel.
Once again, this process gets repeated for every panel.

Step nine: COLORS!!!!!!!!!!
There's a process here, so buckle up.
Literally everything else
Each one of these bits of color has its own layer.
Again, this process is repeated per panel.

Step ten: I add the background colors and finishing touches.

In this case, I decided to get a bit fancy with the lighting, I think it turned out pretty well.
Top that bad boy off with a signature, scale it down and convert it into a jpeg for web release, and bing bang boom, ya got yourself a strip of David: A Webcomic!

Did writing these blog posts also make the production time of this particular strip significantly longer than it should have been? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.
Anyway, tomorrow's the day, folks! I got something real special planned for the anniversary post, so hold on to your asses!

Until then, see ya!


9/9/2022, 5:17 AM Noice!!!

With this two-part tutorial I’m finally on my way to becoming a David: A Webcomic master. Nothing can stop me now!
9/9/2022, 9:27 AM Pretty soon you could take my place!

please don't this is the only thing keeping me sane right now