“The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza: Summer Exchange 2022”

David A Webcomic
As you may or may not know, yesterday was the annual ComicFury Summer Exchange, which also happened to be the first Crossover Exchange I participated in. I got assigned Tangentville, which, as it turned out, was a great first Crossover Exchange partner since our respective series are pretty similar in tone and genre. I spent the better part of a month working on my piece (in tandem with the Arc 7 Finale), it turned out to be a whopping 9 pager (the longest story in the exchange) and it was surprisingly well recieved!

If you haven't read it for yourself, check it out right here!

And for those of you who have, check out these inital sketches!

Seriously, I had a blast making this thing.

Oh, and while you're here, take a look at the other side of my participation in the Summer Exchange: Zaten's David: A Webcomic x Pegasus Project crossover! This thing's amazing!

And with that, I'll see y'all tomorrow for the next part of the 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza!



9/6/2022, 7:30 PM I remember most of these! Still really cool to go back and see all the initial art and sketches that eventually became your crossover piece.
9/6/2022, 7:35 PM The sketches are part of the fun!