“It's The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza!!!!!!!!!!”

David A Webcomic
Heya folks, David A Webcomic (the user) here, coming at you with a thoroughly off-the-cuff and possibly ill thought out event that may or may not work perfectly or may or may not crash and burn immediately.
Now I haven't been on ComicFury for long (all of 8 months, ooooooh) but believe it or not, I've been making and posting my strip elsewhere for four years come this Friday (September 9th). That's a fifth of my fuckin' life right there, which is honestly a scary thing to think about if you think about it too hard so I'm not gonna dwell on that fact too much, but whatever the case, I wanna make my 4th anniversary a damn special one. So I'm gonna write a blog post every day from now until Friday to celebrate in my own, special, fucked up way. I haven't totally thought through what I want the next four days worth of posts to be, and honestly I'm cutting it real fuckin' close with this one (seriously it's 11:46 PM as I'm typing this, I literally thought up of this idea fifteen minutes ago, I promise the 5th Anniversary Blogstravaganza will be better thought out) but hey, that'll just be part of the fun! It's like an anniversary present to myself, I have no idea what the hell the next few days will bring, but I know it'll be fuckin' sick. Or just regular sick. Anyways, I've rambled for too long here and quite frankly it's getting late, so I'll see you guys tomorrow for the second post in the David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza!

See ya then.


oh my god I've spent a fifth of my life making my strip oh god oh fuck


9/6/2022, 5:15 AM Can’t wait to see what comes of this blogstravaganza! And happy anniversary, dude!
9/6/2022, 9:25 AM Thanks! Neither can I!
9/6/2022, 5:23 AM CONGRATS
9/6/2022, 9:26 AM Aw, thanks! I've been workin' on this stuff for a good while, it feels good to celebrate!
9/6/2022, 10:29 AM Hell yeah you worked hard! Party harder!