“So About Them Tags...”

David A Webcomic
Heya folks, David A Webcomic (the user) here with my first blog post and, uh, it's a bit of a doozy.

So you may have noticed that a few days ago, the strip's tags changed from SL to NSL. That, uh, wasn't a mistake. It's not easy to explain this sort of thing, so I'll be upfront. Tomorrow's strip will, for the first time in David: A Webcomic history, feature genuine nudity. And, well, going forward, future strips will occasionally feature it, too. I can promise that any and all nudity in my strip is expressly not of an explicitly sexual nature, this isn't that kind of comic. But this is a comic about maturity and growth, and a lot of this past arc has been very focused on coming to terms with sex and sexuality. In many ways, this is representative of me doing much the same.

This wasn't a decision I took lightly, and I felt it only right that I disclose this to those of y'all who have been sticking it out with me this far. I can't thank you guys enough for your continued support, it means so much, honestly and truly.

I'll see y'all tomorrow.

- David