“The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza: The Anniversary Fanart Appreciation Post”

David A Webcomic
Well, here it is. Four years ago today, I impulsively decided to try my hand at digital art, and within hours, made my very first strip. Every week since, I've made another. 208 weeks, that's 48 months, or 1,456 days. Quite frankly, I can't believe I've gotten this far myself. For an occasion such as this, something special should be planned, and indeed, I have such a special something.
Now I've only been on ComicFury for about 9 months, that's less than a quarter of my strip's lifespan, but in that time, I've met some amazing people and I've gotten some amazing art. Now, at some point I'm going to make a proper fanart gallery, but right now, I just want to take the time to appreciate all the fanarts, art thread arts, and art trades I've gotten and the people who made them.


This was one of the first "completely-out-of-nowhere" fanarts I ever got. I think it's also the first ever fanart of Bob.


Now this was actually the first ever ComicFury fanart I recieved. This baby comes from ol' Drunk Draw Thread (as is the case with a number of these peices), and it looks like David had a pretty wild night. And has only now just realized the massive fucking bite mark on his head.

This too came from the Drunk Draw Thread, a pretty sweet lookin' CG Lissa fighting BG's own resident buffgirl Tsukiko, all while being ogled by a presumably very horny Taylor (of Minimal fame).

This one came from a request thread, completing the duo with a CG Hannah.

Y'know I haven't seen Glue around for a bit. I hope he's doing okay.


If you saw the Summer Exchange, you probably know that BMR is amazing at pixel art, I got these adorable Lissa and Hannah sprites from him a few months apart.

Look at 'em go!


This first art came from the "Art For The Forgotten" thread, apparently Bowtie Steve was pretty popular there.

This, on the other hand, was from a headshot request thread that Cass did, I specifically gave her Hannah because I know she does amazing looking hair and, honestly, Hannah's hair is one of her best features. Suffice it to say, it came out beautifully.


This was another DDT drawing, an unmatched battle of wits between Lissa and Fang (I think either Nyomi or ConfettiRainbowPony requested 50's housewife Lilith).


This absolutely beautiful goblin Nadine came from a monthly challenge on a Discord server he_xie and I are on.

Jaycee Storm

I believe Jaycee was the first person to do an Alex art, and it's a pretty damn good one if I do say so myself.


God, what can I say about jmluvsbob that hasn't already been said multiple times. In multiple threads. Well, I can say that we have a mutual respect and admiration for each others' work, we talk daily and we have an amazing dynamic together, he's just about one of the nicest people I know and I'm proud to have him as both a fan and as a friend. He's also done the most fanart for me out of anybody here, so here goes:
This top quality MSPaint Lissa came from a batch he did based on a similar prompt from the Draw Your Characters thread. It's a surprisingly accurate imitation of my style given, uh, that it was literally done in MSPaint. It's beautiful.

Meanwhile, a few days later, jm did this Lissa in his own style for the "Art For The Forgotten" thread. This is a fuckin' adorable Lissa right here.

The next few came from the DDT, this bizarre li'l thing is what we like to call "Davidception".

One night, I wanted to draw Alex on a date with somebody else's character. That character happened to be Caster (who's a total cutie by the way), some arts from me happened, then some arts from jm happened. These came at a particularly low point in the year for me, I appreciate them a lot more because of that.

The two of us occasionally come back to the Caster x Alex AU sometimes. It's fun and wholesome. Unless Umella tries to sneak in on the action.

This absolutely adorable bust of Sarah was done simply because jm thinks Sarah is adorable. So do I.

Another out-of-nowhere fanart, this time, an absolutely adorable Sunny.

This was supposed to be Caster and Rocky arm wrestling, but the way it turned out, we decieded that they're holding hands. Nobody tell Alex.

One thing I love about jm, guy's got your back when you're feeling down. He drew this hilariously sexy buff Steve on one such occasion.

This adorable drawing of Hannah as a Tamworth pig came in response to my birdification of Caster a few days earlier. I just now noticed that the background is her shirt color.

jm, I know you're reading this right now, and I know I say it a lot, but I really appreciate you. Honestly and truly.


This groovy Lissa came from kellery's Historical Fashion Roulette thread. Honestly, Lissa totally vibes in this outfit, honestly why wear your bikini top as underwear when you could just wear it as outerwear? The floral pattern is adorable and she just looks so cute in kellery's shojo-esque style.

Also Lissa's unshaven pits are totally in-character for a 70's hippie, let's be honest.


Let's be real here, Lissa looks surprisngly good in purple. This is an absolutely adorable Lissa.

After meming around about Funko Pops for a bit on a Discord server, khkddn drew Pops of some of our characters. Lissa here is on a base because, honestly, she just wouldn't be able to stand on her own with those spindly li'l stick legs.

Though to be honest I'm pretty sure those spindly li'l stick legs would snap right off of that base if hit the wrong way.


I totally forgot the context behind this 3D Steve, but it's amazing.

I absolutely adore this incredably threatening out-of-nowhere Lissa. She will shoot, too.


This out-of-nowhere Lissa is gorgeous. The interpretation of her hair is amazing (I love me some big ol' long hair), her body is on point, and, y'know, I don't think I've ever seen a Lissa with lips before this. They really add to the piece.


This absolutely adorable bust of Hannah came from one of Lav's draw request threads, drawn with the finest of Crayola colored pencils (seriously those things give great color).


This totally vibin' Sunny from one of maice's draw request threads happens to be the very first time somebody other than me drew Sunny. And let's be honest, it's adorable. I love how she drew Sunny's fangs.


Real shit, niloc's Hillsburg style is super cute, so getting this artwork of David and Lissa was a treat.

This piece came from a draw request niloc hosted. I gave him the choice of Alex and Sunny, he drew both, in both my style and his. He did an amazing job replicating my style and Hillsburg style Alex and Sunny are freaking adorable.


This one was an interesting one, Nonnie hosted a fusion thread a few months back, this one being a fusion of Lissa and PTGigi's Opal. Quite frankly, I love how the fusion is effectively Opal with Lissa's hair and body. It's fun, it's cute, and it's totally badass.


I helped Nyomi add a custom font to her site, she drew me a Sunny. This is a super cute Sunny, I especially love the chalk brush she used for it.


This peice came from Nyunny's "Fight My OCs" thread, wherein Lissa and Randy are about to beat the crap out of each other. I love the way she drew Lissa, she nailed her personality, and that panel of Lissa flexing is sublime.


I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to a Discord @ from Dudesoft (creator of Phantasos, he goes by Phantasos on CF) expressing interest in drawing Lissa with his resident buffgirl, Mari, after having seen shibazoid's Lissa (we'll get to that one in a bit). An initial pre-drawing height comparison brought us this:

And the finished drawing is a thing of beauty itself.

Let's be real here, Lissa would totally be into Mari.


Pinkie's absolutely shredded Lissa came as the third Lissa fanart I got in two days (the other two being Kokoneos' and SteamThief's). I love how her interpretation of Lissa's top is not only has the midriff ripped off, but the sleeves too.

This Hannah was an Art Fight attack, wearing her dress from Arc 4. It's always great to see elements of the strip incorporated into fanarts like this.

This one's a first, a fanart of a character who technically hasn't even debuted yet. This Jen fanart came from me posting a few sneek peaks of my Summer Exchange piece, Pinkie loved her hair enough to draw her! This one turned out really well, and she really got that hair down pat.

Rocket Llama

What do you get when you mix Lissa, a werewolf, an Etruscan statue, and Amy Winehouse in a blender and then cover it in the blood of the innocent? One Very Bad Dog, that's for sure. This picture is beautiful in a very, very indescribable way and I think if people saw it on my computer without any context whatsoever they'd start questioning a few things about me (I kid, I'm a kidder).


This incredably innocent Steve came from the "Art For The Forgotten" thread, and totally doesn't want you to look behind you at the giant hole he totally didn't just burn through the wall with the flamethrower he's totally not holding behind his back.


I think this the first piece I got from an art request thread, it's funny how similar Zack Dragonblade style Lissa resembles Lissa's secret fursona.


I love this peice because I think Kat is adorable and the fact that ShaRose decided to draw Alex in my style but with the same proportions as Kat is incredibly amusing. And it's a nice, wholesome hug. D'aww...


Remember what I said about Lissa looking surprisingly good in purple? This off-the-cuff sketch came from shiba trying to figure out exactly what the hell Lissa's hairstyle is supposed to be. I love this piece because it's such a gentle drawing of a very rough character, if that makes any sense.

This Alex came from an art request thread shiba did, there's something about this piece that just makes me really happy every time I see it.

This Lissa was part of an exchange event hosted on a Discord server, and I genuinely think this is one of the best Lissas I've ever gotten. I adore shiba's style, and to see Lissa in it is an absolute treat, I love the colors, I love the muscles, I love everything about it!


This collection of Steves came from the "Art For The Forgotten" thread, showing off Steve at various points up through Arc 2. There's something so goofy about that Bowtie Steve down there, I love it.

Out of all the out-of-nowhere fanarts I've gotten, this one genuinely took me the most by surprise. Steam usually works in furry/animal art (like Steve), I honestly never expected to see a human from her. According to the original fourm post this art was on, she wanted to practice drawing humans for a bit, and honestly, the fact that she decided to use Lissa to practice on is a huge honor. There's a certain ruggedness this piece gives her, from the adorable face to the glorious arms to the pit fuzz, this is an excellent Lissa.


This rather unconventional Lissa comes by way of Tehpikachu and woo's Marketable Pokemon OC thread, wherein they decided to accentuate Pokemon-ized Lissa's hair by making her a Mawile. Honestly, this fits her. A lot. And it's fucking adorable.


Teufell was here for like a few months and has appeared to have dipped, but not before they made this gloriously realistic Robyn (the first and currently only non-me drawn Robyn). I love how well my design was adapted back to an actual house sparrow.


This absolutely adorable Sarah came from WynautWarrior's recent chibification thread, and is probably the happiest Sarah has been and will be for a good long while.


I got to see Ypsilenna draw this one on stream, I love the interpretation of Lissa as a panther, I would have never thought of this one myself.


Out of all the Lissas I've gotten, this is probably the single most JACKED Lissa I've ever seen. Seriously, this thing's gorgeous, Zar's art is super high quality, and he's fast, too, this thing only took him like 2-3 hours, tops. I enjoyed getting it, and I've been told that he enjoyed making it, which honestly means a lot.


Did I link out to this one on Tuesday? Yes. Do I love it enough to post it here again? Also yes. This is an amazing piece, I love how Shoko's eyes are trained straight at Lissa's ass (and believe me, Shoko, the feeling would be mutual), and I love how zaten drew Lissa here, I've actually never gotten an artwork of Lissa where she's actuall wearing her signature bikini rather than merely using it as underwear, and I love how it turned out.

Seriously, I cannot express enough how grateful I am to everybody here, those who have made me artwork, those who have read my strip, coming to ComicFury was probably one of the best decisions I ever made, and I'm so lucky to have gotten such a warm reception from all y'all here.

Thanks for making my strip's fourth year great, everybody, and here's to its fifth.

See y'all Sunday.

“The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza: A Behind The Scenes Look, Part 2”

David A Webcomic
Welcome back. Yesterday I showed you how I sketch my strips, but today, we're gettin' to the real meat, the inks and colors!

Step (uh, where were we last time) eight: yeah so remember how Layer 2 is the "base lineart"? Well most of the time, "base lineart" means literally just the lineart of the character I drew first. I can squeeze multiple characters onto the same lineart layer, but honestly, it's better to give each one their own. So, I'm adding two new layers, one for Morgyn and one for Lydia. Layer 2 is Kenzie's layer. With this, I start inks.
First, the outline inks.
Then the finer detail inks. This process gets repeated for each character in each panel.
Once again, this process gets repeated for every panel.

Step nine: COLORS!!!!!!!!!!
There's a process here, so buckle up.
Literally everything else
Each one of these bits of color has its own layer.
Again, this process is repeated per panel.

Step ten: I add the background colors and finishing touches.

In this case, I decided to get a bit fancy with the lighting, I think it turned out pretty well.
Top that bad boy off with a signature, scale it down and convert it into a jpeg for web release, and bing bang boom, ya got yourself a strip of David: A Webcomic!

Did writing these blog posts also make the production time of this particular strip significantly longer than it should have been? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.
Anyway, tomorrow's the day, folks! I got something real special planned for the anniversary post, so hold on to your asses!

Until then, see ya!

“The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza: A Behind The Scenes Look, Part 1”

David A Webcomic
Welcome to day three of the David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza! Since today's my regularly scheduled page-making day, I'll show y'all the method behind the madness: how I make my strip! Today, I'll go over the sketching process, tomorrow I'll show y'all the magic of inks and colors (oooooooooh).

Step one: I create a new document. This part should be obvious. After that, I add two additional layers onto the image, the first layer holds the panel borders and backgrounds, the second layer holds the base lineart, and the third layer holds the speech bubbles.

Step two: I add the panels. Since my strip doesn't typically deviate from a standard six panel format, this part is pretty straightforward.
It's also a lot harder than it sounds. I should probably make a template or something.

Step three: I duplicate the first layer, creating a copy of the panel borders that I then make the top layer. This allows me to fuck with the backgrounds and stuff without sacrificing the integrety of the panel lines. After that, I add two more layers to the image above the first layer, these are my background lineart layer and my sketch layer.

Step four: Since I'm getting funky with perspective in this particular strip, I'm adding a perspective grid. I've created a template since I'm lazy and Sketchbook doesn't have a tool to generate perspective grids.
The opacity of this thing will eventuallly get lowered.

Step five: First things first, the background. Since my backgrounds typically aren't that complicated and are really mostly comprised of straight lines, I don't typically skech them out.
heh heh assmore
This just so happens to be one of my more involved backgrounds (which, considering this is the first time a major location is appearing in the strip, isn't a bad thing). Now I tend to cheat quite a bit with backgrounds, I copy and paste shit (like the lines and knobs on the lockers, or hell, enitire panel backgrounds wholesale) a fuckton. Hey, it saves time and promotes consistency.

Step six:
wait shit wrong step six
Character sketches! Feel free to follow along with my simple step-by-step instructions:
1. First things first, the head. This typically gets drawn significantly smaller than it's actually supposed to be because for some reason it's easier to draw a good circle at a smaller size. Depending on the contents of the panel, this blank circle may be duplicated to create multiple characters.
2. Add the facial features. Most of the time, this is just the eyes and mouth, but some of my characters have beauty marks and/or piercings. Like Kenzie!
3. Block out the torso. This provides the base of the body.
4. Detail out the torso. Depending on the character and what they're wearing, this could include adding pecs/breasts, shirt folds, or other bodily details.
5. Add pants, sleeves, arms, and legs. This is really where the background layer comes in handy.
6. Add the hair. This is the fun part. Especially if said character is either Lissa or Hannah.
And now, copy that process for any other characters that happen to be in the scene.
Step seven: I write my dialouge right after I sketch the scene. I don't work off a script, never have. I just go with whatever feels right when I draw the dang thing.
After that, I repeat steps 4-7 as needed to sketch out the rest of the strip.
And that's effectively the sketch portion of the strip making process, tune in tomorrow to find out how I ink and color!

See ya then!
- David

“The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza: Summer Exchange 2022”

David A Webcomic
As you may or may not know, yesterday was the annual ComicFury Summer Exchange, which also happened to be the first Crossover Exchange I participated in. I got assigned Tangentville, which, as it turned out, was a great first Crossover Exchange partner since our respective series are pretty similar in tone and genre. I spent the better part of a month working on my piece (in tandem with the Arc 7 Finale), it turned out to be a whopping 9 pager (the longest story in the exchange) and it was surprisingly well recieved!

If you haven't read it for yourself, check it out right here!

And for those of you who have, check out these inital sketches!

Seriously, I had a blast making this thing.

Oh, and while you're here, take a look at the other side of my participation in the Summer Exchange: Zaten's David: A Webcomic x Pegasus Project crossover! This thing's amazing!

And with that, I'll see y'all tomorrow for the next part of the 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza!


“It's The David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza!!!!!!!!!!”

David A Webcomic
Heya folks, David A Webcomic (the user) here, coming at you with a thoroughly off-the-cuff and possibly ill thought out event that may or may not work perfectly or may or may not crash and burn immediately.
Now I haven't been on ComicFury for long (all of 8 months, ooooooh) but believe it or not, I've been making and posting my strip elsewhere for four years come this Friday (September 9th). That's a fifth of my fuckin' life right there, which is honestly a scary thing to think about if you think about it too hard so I'm not gonna dwell on that fact too much, but whatever the case, I wanna make my 4th anniversary a damn special one. So I'm gonna write a blog post every day from now until Friday to celebrate in my own, special, fucked up way. I haven't totally thought through what I want the next four days worth of posts to be, and honestly I'm cutting it real fuckin' close with this one (seriously it's 11:46 PM as I'm typing this, I literally thought up of this idea fifteen minutes ago, I promise the 5th Anniversary Blogstravaganza will be better thought out) but hey, that'll just be part of the fun! It's like an anniversary present to myself, I have no idea what the hell the next few days will bring, but I know it'll be fuckin' sick. Or just regular sick. Anyways, I've rambled for too long here and quite frankly it's getting late, so I'll see you guys tomorrow for the second post in the David: A Webcomic 4th Anniversary Blogstravaganza!

See ya then.


oh my god I've spent a fifth of my life making my strip oh god oh fuck

“So About Them Tags...”

David A Webcomic
Heya folks, David A Webcomic (the user) here with my first blog post and, uh, it's a bit of a doozy.

So you may have noticed that a few days ago, the strip's tags changed from SL to NSL. That, uh, wasn't a mistake. It's not easy to explain this sort of thing, so I'll be upfront. Tomorrow's strip will, for the first time in David: A Webcomic history, feature genuine nudity. And, well, going forward, future strips will occasionally feature it, too. I can promise that any and all nudity in my strip is expressly not of an explicitly sexual nature, this isn't that kind of comic. But this is a comic about maturity and growth, and a lot of this past arc has been very focused on coming to terms with sex and sexuality. In many ways, this is representative of me doing much the same.

This wasn't a decision I took lightly, and I felt it only right that I disclose this to those of y'all who have been sticking it out with me this far. I can't thank you guys enough for your continued support, it means so much, honestly and truly.

I'll see y'all tomorrow.

- David