It's the David: A Webcomic Comic Archive!

Pre-Arc Strips

The earliest stuff from the strip's run, before I got into the two-yearly serialized arc structure

The Many Loves Of Lissa Carson

Ok, ok, "many" may not be the right word to describe it, but there's definitely love, and there's definitely Lissa. Welcome to the very first arc of the strip. Buckle up, because it's a wild ride from here on in.

Interlude № 1

The strips between the first arc and the second arc. All of three.

The Break

Wherein Sarah looks to change herself but gets more than she bargains for.

Interlude № 2

The strips between the second arc and the third arc. There are more this time. Plus four new characters.

The Family Monroe

Wherein we explore Hannah and her family in the months before Selene's wedding.

Interlude № 3

The strips between the third arc and the fourth arc. Once again, just three.

One Unforgettable Evening

Wherein Grace decides to throw a party that nobody forgets. Hopefully.

Interlude № 4

The strips between the fourth arc and the fifth arc. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I actually really like these ones.


Wherein Lissa and Hannah decide to take the next step in their relationship.

Interlude № 5

The strips between the fifth arc and the sixth arc. Still just three this time.


Wherein Steve, of all people, seeks a genuine relationship.

Interlude № 6

The strips between the sixth arc and the seventh arc. Featuring the New Style.

Sex, Love, Anxiety: The Secrets Of Alex Greenwald

Wherein a depressive episode leads to certain discoveries about Alex.

Interlude № 7

The strips between the seventh arc and the eighth arc. Featuring Jay.

Him, Her, And Them: The Tiny David Story

Wherein Tiny David and friends learn about life, love, and all the shit inbetween.

Interlude № 8

The strips between the eighth arc and the ninth arc. Featuring a handful of new characters.