Interlude № 8 - Valentine's At The FRC



Valentine's At The FRC

View Transcript Jay: Hey, so you guys got any Valentine's Day plans?
Kartchner, Ashe, and Jen: No.

Jay: ...seriously? *Nobody*?
Kartchner: I'm... *between relationships*.
Ashe: None of my regulars called back.
Jen: I mean you *know* I'm not romantic. Or sexual.

Kartchner: ...I dunno, I mean I *could* go clubbing stag and see if I get a bite, but... I mean honestly Echelon and I broke up so recently that it... just wouldn't be, y'know, *fun*.
It still hurts, that's what I'm tryin' to say.

Ashe: Honestly, if I do *anything* this V-Day, I'm gonna get shitfaced and fuck the first hot loner who'll take me. You just can't... *not* have sex on Valentine's Day.

Jen: ...I'm just doing the same thing I do every year.
Spending the night in my apartment alone, listening to my neighbors have loud sex for a few hours.
*sigh* Valentine's is not kind to the aroace.

Ashe: ...realistically though, I'm probably gonna spend the night at home, furiously beating off...
Kartchner: Girl, same.
[Rocky sighs]

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Author Notes

2/5/2023, 12:05 PM Hey hey check it out, the entire Fashion Roost Collective in one strip! Y'know I think this strip gives a pretty good read on everyone's personalities and how they all play off of each other, I really wanted to get some strong characterization for these four.

Also now that I've started to draw things based off of the grids provided by CSP assets (in this case, the bases of the bean bag chairs), I'm starting to pull off far more interesting camera angles. It might not be inherently obvious in this strip but rather than a flat side view, we have a slight overhead view instead.


2/5/2023, 12:38 PM Poor Jen. She already has to hear all the uncomfortable sex stuff when she's at home on Valentine's Day, but now she's got to hear Kartchner and Ashe talk about it as well. I'm sure she'd just like to do something relaxing and fun on Valentines Day. But anyway, fun to see the whole FRC gang just hanging out. But yeah, sometimes you don't got anything to do for Valentine's Day. We don't all got partners like you, Jay! *sobs in corner*

But yeah, I don't really have anything to do for Valentine's Day myself. I might just get some food out to celebrate or something. Sounds like a good time to me.
2/5/2023, 1:08 PM Stop flexin' on the singles, JAY. For shame.

I'm with everyone else though, I got nothin' to do for Valentine's Day either. Maybe pick up some discount chocolate afterwards. Who knows.